Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle Kit

Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle Kit
Brand: LaserShark Design
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This is the monster kit. Includes 31 decals to turn your vehicle into the ultimate Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle.

Comes with:

If purchased seperately, these decals would add up to over $140! Save over 50% off the price of buying everything seperately!

If you'd ike, you can also add on a massive 24" hood decal for your car! Normally priced at $22.95, you can add it to the kit for only $14! (Or larger sizes for slightly more)

All decals are made from durable water and weatherproof vinyl, made to last for years and withstand the rigors of vehicle use. Please note that the bloody decals are made on CLEAR vinyl. That means anything you apply them to will show through, just like it were a real blood smear. Put it on a black car - you wont really see it well. Just like a real blood smear. (We recommend putting them on top of/across the white decals to get a great effect!)

Also note that while the thumbnail pictures are black for the 42" Zombie Outbreak Response Team decal and the 16" Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle door decals, they are actually white vinyl and will show as such on your car. If you have a light colored car, use the "Decal Color" dropdown above to select black decals instead of white.

Regarding the rear window decal, you need to choose wether you need this straight or curved. Lets explain... some rear windshields are curved in such a way that if you put lettering straight across, they will appear to bend down at the ends, like an upside-down U, because the way the window curves it bends the sides down. If we ship you lettering that is curved upwards at the sides, like a U, it will balance out with the curvature of the window, and appear to be straight across. The best test for this is to take a piece of masking tape, or a long strip of paper, and lay it flat across your window. If after laying it straight (and ensuring that there are no kinks/bends in the paper/tape) it still looks straight, then order the straight option. If it appears to curve and bend down at the sides, order the curved option. The pictures above show the curved option on a GMC Terrian. The window is curved in such a way that if we placed the straight option on the window (and we did at first) the letters appear to bend down (and look terrible). Make sure you know what kind of window you have before ordering. Not all windows need the curved option. Some windows are curved in only one dimension and can handle a straight decal. Others are bent in two dimensions and need it curved. The ONLY way to know is to measure.

Add a final amazing touch to your car - a chain link zombie defense shield. Check it out here.

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