The Ultimate Bloodbath Gore Kit

The Ultimate Bloodbath Gore Kit
Brand: LaserShark Design
Product Code: bloodbath
Availability: In Stock

The absolutely ULTIMATE kit - the Bloodbath Gore kit. This kit includes 16 bloody decals! Everything from fist marks, to bloody hand smears, splashes, and an enormous three and a half foot long two-handed smear perfect down the side of your car! If purchased seperately, these would total over $105!

Included in this kit:

  • Bloody Smear #1
  • Bloody Smear #2
  • Bloody Smear #3
  • Double Hand Smear #2
  • Bloody Splash
  • Bloody Hand #2
  • Bloody Hand #4
  • Fist Marks
  • Enormous Blood Smear

Please note these are printed in CLEAR vinyl. This WILL look like blood on whatever surface you place them on. That means if you put them on a black car, they will be hard to see. Put them on a white car, and the cops might pull you over. ;)

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