Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet

Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet

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Securely store your bitcoin offline in a cold storage wallet! Your information is permanently laser engraved on an aluminum credit card sized ID card. These cards are highly resilient and can withstand 1200 degrees F, as well as trips through the washing machine, being beaten and battered, and are scratch proof. (Ok, you can scratch them, if you gouge the hell out of them intentionally. Nothing is indestructible!)

We offer a few color options - see the dropdown above. The cards are credit card sized (2 1/8" by 3 3/8") and are 6mm thick (thinner than a standard credit card) - thin enough to flex and bend a bit, and fit comfortably in your wallet

By default, we 'inverse' the QR code, making the border white, and the code dark. We do this as some QR code readers cannot read the code if the code is white and the background is dark. If you don't like how that looks, and you're sure you do not want us to inverse the code, you can check the box above and we'll engrave the code as is.

One side is engraved with your bitcoin address and BIP38 encrypted private key, the other is engraved with the bitcoin logo. The laser engraving on all cards is in white with the QR code reversed. Many QR code readers will NOT read a white QR code on a dark background. If you do not want the code reversed (we think engraving it 'normally' looks better - however - RedLaser on my personal iPhone will not scan a light-on-dark code) please check the box above.

If you do not wish to have your private key on the card, and simply want one for receiving payments, just leave the Private Key field blank, and we will only engrave your bitcoin address.

Now, comes the issue of privacy. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are talking about the offline cold storage of your bitcoin. You could send us your address and private key, but, nothing (except the fact we're not evil douchewads. Yes, we said douchewads) keeps us from keeping the info and stealing your BTC later. So we highly recommend that you encrypt your private key using BIP38 encryption before sending us the key. That way, no one but you can actually use the private key. A site we recommend is We do not provide this service to avoid any issues of trust. If we encode it for you, and someone later steals your BTC, we could be to blame, and we don't want trust issues with our customers.

To encrypt your private key, merely take your private key from an existing address, or use any number of private key generation methods, and navigate to

Scroll down and under Encrypt Private Keys click 'Generate & Encrypt Private Key'. Choose a passphrase you will NOT forget (if you forget it, your bitcoin are gone forever) and either enter your private key, or leave it blank to generate a new one. Then send us the bitcoin address (if you'd like the address on the card) as well as the ENCRYPTED private key. runs as JavaScript locally on your PC - nothing is ever transmitted. You can load the webpage, disconnect your WiFi or pull your Ethernet cable, encrypt the private key, then power off your PC if you are concerned about security.

Don't forget that all our prices are discounted 10% if you pay with bitcoin. Order 10 and pay with bitcoin and your total cost is only $62.55 USD!

Please keep in mind multiple qty discounts are for multiple copies of the same card. A lot of set up time goes into designing each card before they are engraved, which is where a lot of that initial cost comes in. So if you want 2 cards with your private key, and 3 with just your address, you will pay the "Qty 2" price for all 5 cards, not the "Qty 5" price. We'd like to be able to batch them together, but the images being engraved are done by hand and it is not an automated process - this way we can ensure that nothing goes wrong.

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