All about bitcoin

Q: What the heck is bitcoin?
A: In short: Bitcoin is an extremely secure, anonymous, easy to use, digital currency that is not controlled by any one government or organization. Now that we completely oversimplified it, you can read more on it over at the official website:


Q: Where do I get it?
A: There are quite a few ways to get bitcoins. One of the easiest in the US is Coinbase ( You can also buy/trade locally with others who already have coins over at LocalBitcoins ( You can also mine for coins (see info here). We are also a local bitcoin dealer, but unless you are local or have established a good relationship with us, we usualy do not buy or sell bitcoin with people who we cannot meet face to face, unless you are willing to take all the risk (Paypal 'gift' payment, mailing cash, etc).


Q: Why do you offer a 10% discount if I pay with bitcoin?
A: A few reasons. First - we run our own payment processing. That means there is zero risk for us, no middleman, and absolutely zero transaction fees. Did you see what I said there? WE RUN OUR OWN PAYMENT PROCESSING. If you run a business, and take payment in anything other than cash, you're dealing with a payment processor of some sort - be it Square, Paypal, a credit card merchant account, etc. You're paying percentages, you're paying monthly fees, statement fees, etc. So, if you send us the equilivant of $50 in BTC, we get $50. No 2.9% in fees. No monthly fees. No middleman to screw up the payment. No delays in the payment getting to us. No fraudulent claims that end with reversed charges. The benefits to accepting bitcoin are so great that there is no reason to not charge less.